Audio Inclusivity – The New Standard

Mumbli supports businesses to provide inclusive spaces for all hearing abilities and sound preferences.

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£40 billion

is the predicted annual cost of noise pollution


of those aged 16+ affected by recreational noise

1 billion+

people currently live with hearing challenges


of 20-40 year olds leave venues due to noise


loss of revenue every month in some venues due to unwanted noise

Audio Accessibility – The New Standard

£40 billion

is the predicted annual cost of noise polution


of those aged 16+ are affected by hearing


of 20-40 year olds leave venues due to noise

266 million

people currently live with reduced hearing
Mumbli is pioneering the Hearing Wellness movement - the healthy hearing relationship we have with our environment and surroundings and its impact on our overall well being.
Discover the Certified for Sound badge

We Tackle Four Universal Challenges.

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Noise pollution is the second most harmful environmental health issue after air pollution.
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Recreational noise pollution can mean revenue loss for businesses.
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Noisy spaces are inaccessible for people with hearing sensitivity.
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There is a lack of awareness of the impact of damaging noise levels on hearing health

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How Mumbli works?


We install wireless sound monitoring devices, sending real-time data to a secure cloud – without ever recording conversation.


We analyse your data, providing insights and control features to help you monitor and optimise your environment for Audio Accessibility.


Our data is easily integrated with your existing building operations systems or can be accessed through a stand-alone dashboard.


We grant a Certified for Sound kitemark to businesses that provide communities with outstanding audio experiences.

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Certified for Sound

We collaborate with socially responsible businesses dedicated to providing exceptional experiences while safeguarding the hearing health of occupants, customers and employees.

We equip businesses with the insight they need to make their venue Audio Accessible, using a unique scoring system to Certify for Sound.

Our Certified for Sound programme is recognised by the UK Noise Association, European Federation of Hard of Hearing People and the World Health Organization.

Features and benefits

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Sound monitoring

We monitor the live acoustic metrics of your premises, including noise levels, audio quality for conversation, unpleasant frequencies and more. We then use these insights to help you reduce noise pollution, creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels at ease and people can have a good time for longer.

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By recording historical data, you can be certain of meeting criteria for noise levels and confident about addressing any noise-related complaints. Our reports comply with the 2022 World Health Organization’s Global Standard for Safe Listening at Venues and Events – a set of guidelines for sound and acoustics in entertainment venues.

Health and wellbeing

Safe noise levels are part of your business's obligation to safeguard the wellbeing and hearing health of customers and staff – preventing issues like tinnitus, fatigue and hearing damage. Our phone notifications help you to protect people’s hearing and prevent complaints by alerting you as soon as noise levels get too high.

Mumbli Beacons

At the heart of Certified for Sound lie our Beacons – compact but powerful wireless sound-monitoring devices.

Speedy install

Wireless & designed for mounting on existing infrastructures like lighting rails, you can also simply screw or tape our Beacons onto ceiling surfaces.


Calibrated like professional sound monitoring meters used by industry experts – but at a fraction of the cost.


Secure by Design, our Beacons record sound levels in your space but never sound itself, so conversation remains private.


Beacons can integrate with any external system via our API – bringing added flexibility and control.

About us

In 2011, Mumbli's founder Marion experienced an 80% reduction of his hearing over 6 months – at the age of just 26.

Marion Marincat founded Mumbli to help bring hearing wellness to the forefront of design.Since 2018 Mumbli has grown into a team comprising hearing psychologists, data scientists and technology experts. We’re united in our mission to support those experiencing sound sensitivity or hearing difficulties – and that’s 2 billion people worldwide.

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