Why become Certified for Sound®?

"The only way to create an environment focused on the sense of hearing was to permanently monitor and optimise sound levels, which is why we created our hearing wellness platform that uses smart devices to continuously monitor noise levels, to ensure they are constantly maintained for audio inclusivity. The Certified for Sound rating confirms that a venue is committed - as much as we are - to enabling human connection (and conversation), because everyone has the right to hear and be heard."

- Marion Marincat, Founder & CEO, Mumbli

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How It Works - Certified for Sound®

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By combining over 100 years of expertise in acoustics, hearing psychology and wireless technology we developed our Smart Hearing Wellness Platform and Certified for Sound rating system.

After verifying a venue's commitment to audio inclusivity we award venues with a Certified for Sound rating recognised by the World Health Organisation and the UK Noise Association showing that a venue is committed to providing an inclusive audio environment for any hearing preferences. Venues are then listed in our exclusive directory that is guiding over 1'000 people in London to find better places to socialise.

This will help over 20 million people in the UK and over 2 billion people worldwide who are sensitive to sound or hard of hearing to find venues where they can socialise.


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Continuously monitor recreational noise pollution to make spaces audio inclusive


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Improve the cohesion between your customer's preferences and your brand.


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Create and environment where people can connect and have great conversation