Building the Movement

We believe that everyone deserves to hear and be heard.

Mumbli is the first and only smart hearing wellness platform that uses sound monitoring devices to certify venues for sound, based on quality of conversation and healthy noise levels.

Our system helps venues to optimise atmosphere in real time, ensuring noise levels are continuously maintained for the wellbeing of their guests and staff.

Mumbli is looking at three main areas of benefit to people with disabling hearing loss:

1) the space you are in

2) how your ears experience sound, and

3) technology

Over 1 Billion with hearing challenges including people with hearing reductions, neurodiversity groups and people sensitive to sound.

In the UK there are 12 million adults with hearing loss greater than 25 dBHL. By 2035, there'll be around 14.2 million (RNID).
Mumbli certified for sound logo sticker on a certified venue door

Marion's Story

In 2011, founder Marion experienced an 80% reduction of his hearing over 6 months - at the age of just 26

After learning to accept this new normal, Marion investigated the problem and discovered that our cities and social spaces are simply not designed with Hearing Wellness in mind.

He consulted a ridiculous number of ear care experts in 5 different countries and purchased the most expensive in-ear tech available to solve the problem, but ultimately realised that socialising in noisy environments has become impossible - even with the best technology.

And that this affects the wellbeing of more than 60% of the population – from age 16 upwards! He set out to solve the problem, and Mumbli was born.

Watch Marion's story to find out more.

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