Frequently Asked Questions


What are Hearing Gains?

Ever been in a situation where it was so noisy that you couldn’t hear yourself think? What about a time where you were in a place with so many people talking that you literally had to shout to have a decent conversation?

Whether it's through the use of Hearables, or re-designing your workspace to reduce noise and reverberation, Hearing Gains are when you realize just how much sound can impact how you feel and function everyday. It’s also when you realize that you can control it so that it works for you, instead of the other way around.

How do I get Hearing Gains?

We’ve done a lot of research by consulting research papers and interviewing experts. Come to a Mumbli LAB and we can show you just how you can achieve Hearing Gains and experience the world with super-human hearing.

What are Hearables?

Anything that you put in or around your ears that you can hear things from. The most common example is headphones, but it also includes hearing devices for people with hearing reduction. If you want a more complex definition, Hearables are:

“technically advanced, electronic in-ear-devices designed for multiple purposes ranging from wireless transmission to communication objectives, medical monitoring and fitness tracking.... a manifestation of the concept of ubiquitous computing.”

How can I attend a Mumbli LAB?

For each LAB we select a limited number of participants. By hitting the sign up button or by checking the Mumbli LABs page you can register your interest and we will get back to you