How will you create my Audio Accessibility Score?

Once the beacons are installed in your space, we collect data at specific times relevant to your business operations. The data is then processed into eight distinct categories before being weighed to generate your unique score. The score reflects how someone with sensitivity to noise or auditory impairment will experience your space, on a scale from 1 to 100.Our scoring system takes into account a full range of acoustic metrics and user experiences to provide a comprehensive analysis of your space.

What happens after I receive my report?

Once you receive your Audio Accessibility Report, you have the option to keep the sensors and enrol in our Certified for Sound Programme.

This programme provides continuous monitoring, as well as access to control features and insights that can help you improve your Audio Accessibility Score and earn a Certified for Sound kitemark.

What is a Certified for Sound kitemark?

The Mumbli Certified for Sound kitemark is an accreditation given to businesses that meet the highest standards of audio accessibility, as measured by our Audio Accessibility Score. The Certified for Sound kitemark signals to customers, employees and visitors that your business has taken steps to ensure that everyone can enjoy your space with ease and comfort – demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility.

How do I become Certified for Sound?

To qualify for the Certified for Sound kitemark, venues registered in our Certified for Sound Programme must maintain an Audio Accessibility Score of 75 or higher for a minimum period of three consecutive months.

Can Mumbli improve the acoustics of my venue?

Mumbli collaborates with a network of specialists who can provide tailored acoustic treatment solutions based on insights gathered from our sensors. Joining our Certified for Sound Programme means you’ll receive personalised recommendations and referrals to our expert partners.