30 places to go when you are seeking peace and quiet in London

September 9, 2022

Are you sensitive to sounds? Notice how noisy London can be? Sometimes it can be a bit too much!

Despite everything that London has to offer, the commotion may occasionally get a little much and is not always a place to unwind. Grab your camera and tour these tranquil spots from our list of quiet treasures; they are so serene you won't believe they are in London. 🌱Holland park’s Kyoto Garden: Japanese style garden rich with colourful plants, shrubs and water features created by distinguished Japanese designers.🌱Crossrail place roof garden: A quiet space with geometric windows, greenery and views back over Canary Wharf.🌱Hyde park: Being one of the largest London Royal Parks means you will easily be able to find a quiet place within the 42 hectares.🌱Regents park:Combines large open spaces with tree-lined pathways, formal gardens.🌱St Dunstan in the East Garden: A truly unique space set within the ruins of a Wren church. This green oasis has benches and a fountain with greenery draping the historic walls. It is the ideal place to unwind away from commotion, with lawns, fountains, and lots of chairs set in a meditative circle among the ruins of an eleventh-century church.🌱Kensington Gardens: One of London’s Royal parks with over 265 acres of greenery, meaning there is plenty of space to escape.🌱Syon Park: Get the sense of the deep countryside without ever leaving London with vast gardens, wildlife, and rooms to explore.🌱Southbank Centre’s National poetry library: A library tucked away in the Royal Festival Hall, a soothing space housing the most comprehensive collections of poetry in Britain.🌱Horniman Museum and Gardens: Located in South-East London, wander around stunning gardens complete with a greenhouse.🌱Chelsea Physic Garden: One of the oldest botanical gardens in Britain, the name refers to the science of healing and is a habitat to over 5,000 varieties of plants with healing and medicinal properties.🌱Barbican Conservatory: Home to exotic fish, plants and trees- perfectly peaceful way to spend your Sundays which is unfortunately the only day it is open to the public.🌱Epping Forest: An area of conservation with thousands of unique plants and insects- ideal for a calming leisurely stroll amid so much natural beauty.🌱Richmond Park: Another royal park, this one featuring a stunning scenery of hills and forest gardens surrounded by old trees.🌱Crystal Palace Park: Wander around the vast grounds and do not miss the animal farm, maze, sports centre and dinosaur sculptures, placed by their Victorian sculptors.🌱Leighton house museum: Step back in time and discover life inside an eminent Victorian artist’s household. A fascinating collection of paintings inside this private palace of art, as well as the extraordinary Arab Hall with its golden dome, intricate mosaics and walls lined with beautiful Islamic tiles. 🌱Hampstead heath: 790 acres of hills, usable ponds, woodland and a lido- perfect to unwind. 🌱Primrose hill park: At the summit of this grassy hill are some spectacular views across London.🌱Mile End park: Regents Canal runs through this cool park, allowing you to watch canal boats silently pass by as you relax, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city!🌱Postman’s park: Located in central London, covered by trees providing a lot of shade with many benches surrounded by plant arrangements with pathways for you to explore.🌱The British Library: Home to an extremely large collection of books, exhibitions and quiet spots for studying, reading or relaxing.🌱Queen Mary’s rose garden: There are over 12,000 roses planted inside the grounds, making it London's biggest collection of roses. 85 single variety beds, including one that has the very own "Royal Parks" rose, are on show. The gardens have examples of most rose types, from traditional English roses to contemporary roses.🌱Battersea park: Hidden pathways lined with leafy canopies of trees, grass, and a boating lake. If you need a quiet escape from the city this is the ideal place to relax.🌱Kew gardens: Spend the day reconnecting with nature and learning about Earth’s diverse flora. Home to the world's largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collection, perfect to clear your head and get fresh air!🌱Eel pie island twickenham: A little island in the midst of the Thames River, which can only be reached by boat or a short trail. There are no bikes, vehicles, or dogs on the entire 8.9-acre island, which makes it peaceful and free of noise pollution.🌱Camley Street Natural Park: Close to King’s Cross Station, this wildlife haven is a great place to escape the noise of the surrounding area. It’s run by the London Wildlife Trust and wetlands, meadows and woodlands all form part of this narrow strip on the banks of the Regent’s Canal.🌱Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park: A quaint, sheltered forest area covered in beautiful plants and shrubbery. Take a seat, clear your head and admire the bright plants and colourful ducks to give you a dose of peacefulness. 🌱Hampstead Pergola: A calming spot you can wander among the swathes of natural surroundings.🌱Walthamstow Wetlands: Natural reserve that is completely worth your time. Getting lost amongst stunning paths by reservoirs and among willows is sure to provide a serene moment for just about anyone. 🌱The Thames Path: A pretty river walk London has to offer, beginning at the Thames flood barrier in Woolwich, this 180 mile national trail path stretches all the way to Gloucestershire.🌱Lavender Garden in Vauxhall Park: A lavender field planted in 2003, peaceful and calming with the aroma of lavender filled throughout the air- not to mention the bright colour plants making it amazing to look at and smell.