Mumbli Hearing Wellness District

September 9, 2022

Innovative tech startup Mumbli and London legacy development corporation unveil the world's first-ever ‘Hearing Wellness District’at Queen Elizabeth Olympic park

From World Hearing Day, 3rd March 2022, Londoners will be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of the world’s first Hearing Wellness District, a sensory sanctuary for all those seeking the right balance of socialisation and peace of mind. The District will launch at East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the pilot site for a start-up-led program that aims to make hearing wellness and healthy sound experiences a standard feature of public spaces worldwide.

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Why the hearing wellness district?

By 2050, around 1.5bn people will have some degree of hearing reduction resulting from the symphony of ear-damaging sounds in daily life that experts call recreational noise pollution.Standing just behind toxic air pollution as the second-largest environmental contributor to health issues, noise pollution affects us all – not just those who are hard of hearing or sensitive to sound.

"How often have you spent the night shouting across the table at a restaurant, or asked your friend to repeat themselves whilst you catch up in a bar? It's exhausting, it affects our ability to connect and excessive noise is damaging, both for our health and hearing. But the noise and healthy levels aren't mutually exclusive for a venue to have good vibes and we enable venues to find the sweet spot that ensures the wellbeing of their staff, longer dwelling time, repeat customer visits, and a more pleasant environment that benefits all." Marion Marincat - founder of Mumbli.

What is the hearing wellness district?

The Hearing wellness district is a partnership between an innovative smart hearing wellness platform, Mumbli, and London Legacy Development Corporation.It is the first of many zones that will give us a glimpse of a future with fully inclusive, audio-accessible cities. Think of streets, concert venues, offices, shops, and more that have all been designed to cut out the noise, and leave you free to connect with your thoughts and the people around you.As part of the pilot’s initial phase, five community venues throughout the Park including the street food market at Hackney Bridge (Hackney Bridge Kitchens), Timber Lodge, Signorelli (East Village), Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre café, and the Visitor Information Point at the IQL Pavilion have been installed with Mumbli’s smart sound monitoring devices, in an effort to bring health and wellness into the public spotlight.Through the collection of ongoing quantitative data to measure and optimise for healthy noise levels and quality of conversation supplemented by acoustic treatment, the majority of venues have been acoustically upgraded to certifiably provide visitors and staff with healthy sound experiences.Qualitative data has also been sourced through the support of the local community, volunteers, and staff - all providing feedback from their experiences before and after the optimisation. The resounding positive response has been encouraging and will allow QEOP to act as a benchmark of audio accessibility for future Hearing Wellness Districts to emulate.The District’s launch coincides with other momentous campaigns that have been introduced to integrate inclusivity in the design of public spaces and is an early demonstrator project of Shift – the Park’s new inclusive innovation program and partnership.

"As a testbed for urban innovation, we are always looking for new ways of using technology and different approaches to help find practical solutions to everyday problems. Our collaboration with Mumbli is another example of working with people who are committed to bring about positive change to the lives of so many. We want everyone who comes to the Park to feel welcome and included and able to actively participate with all the Park has to offer. It makes us very proud to say the Park is the world’s first Hearing Wellness District and it is hoped other organisations will follow suit."Emma Frost - Director of Innovation, Sustainability & Community at LLDC

Who is behind the hearing wellness district?

The hearing wellness district is being developed in collaboration with London-based start-up, Mumbli, and London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.Mumbli is a smart hearing wellness platform founded by Marion Marincat, who experienced a sudden 80% reduction in his hearing age at just 26. The innovative tech start-up is on a mission to make hearing wellness a mainstream conversation and address noise pollution in public social spaces.Following four years of development, 2022 marks the launch of Mumbli’s pilot phase at a selection of hospitality and entertainment venues in the London area. Through the installation of its smart sound monitoring devices to measure the quality of conversation and healthy noise levels, Mumbli is certifying venues for sound, so venue operators can ensure the wellbeing of their guests and staff.Built for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has become the central hub out of which the LLDC is creating a more innovative London metropolitan centre, with a global focus. They are building the Park and its vibrant, surrounding communities into a centre where people can come together to achieve great things; a place where local talent can find celebration, investment, better livelihoods, and economic opportunities that can be shared by all.With expertise gathered across four years of product development, scientific research, and expert partnerships, Mumbli spent 18 months working in close collaboration with LLDC and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park venues to roll out the technology needed for the Hearing Wellness District launch.March 2022 also marks the 15th celebration of World Hearing Day, which presents an opportunity to celebrate and explore how quality conversation, inclusive innovation, and audio accessibility can become a standard feature of public social spaces.This year all Londoners will be able to celebrate the occasion with festivities at the world’s first Hearing Wellness Festival, a four-day citywide celebration for anyone with the curiosity to dive into mind, body, or appetite first into the latest wellbeing trend. Festival events will include dining experiences with a sensory twist, interactive experiments and live expert panels, and Q&A sessions. Each of these experiences will offer guests the chance to unpack how the pleasures of optimised sound can become a part of daily life.


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Mumbli is a tech-based smart hearing wellness platform addressing noise pollution in public social spaces.  Backed by science, informed by user experience, and driven by IoT innovation, Mumbli is the first of its kind. It enables hospitality and entertainment venues to operate at healthy noise levels to ensure the wellbeing of their staff and customers and facilitates the optimisation of venue acoustics to allow for quality of conversation and thereby certifying them for sound.Mumbli exists to make sure everyone can hear and be heard. For this to be possible, we need to make Hearing Wellness a positive and mainstream topic of conversation so that venues, local authorities, governments and policy makers embrace and integrate it into the foundations of public social spaces and smart city design.


The foundations for London 2012 were built solidly on legacy. Now, a decade on, we can see the success of that in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and look forward to so much more in the future.  Spread across 560 acres of stunning parklands, the Park is home to beautifully landscaped gardens, historic waterways, famous sporting venues, a vibrant arts and events programme and the ArcelorMittal Orbit visitor attraction.Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park doesn’t just welcome over six million visitors a year. It provides quality family neighbourhoods which are home to hundreds of people, jobs have been created and a talented local community benefits from education, training and opportunity.It is a location for cutting-edge businesses large and small – collaborating, creating, making and innovating. World-class venues host top level sport and entertainment but remain open to all. Hundreds of acres of parklands and natural habitats provide freedom and space.The evolution continues, and the next 10 years will be as exciting as the last. At the centre of this is East Bank, housing Sadler’s Wells, BBC, V&A East, UAL’s London College of Fashion and UCL East, the most ambitious cultural and education district in a generation, arriving in the heart of the Park.The London Legacy Development Corporation promotes and delivers physical, social, economic and environmental regeneration in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the surrounding area by maximising the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


SHIFT is London’s living testbed, promoting better urban futures through innovation and creativity. It brings together a powerful collective of partners who want to work together and with others to change our cities for the better: UCL, Lendlease, UAL’s London College of Fashion, Loughborough University in London, Here East, Plexal and London Legacy Development Corporation. Located at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Shift is focussed on tackling everyday problems facing cities and their citizens today, such as the urgent changes needed to cope with the climate emergency; health and wellbeing challenges and looking at how people and goods will move around urban environments in the future.

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